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<img class=”alignleft” src=”” alt=”img_half” width=”380″ height=”550″ /HOW I LEARNED VULNERABILITY IS THE ANSWER TO SUCCESS 

Having grown up in a small town with a school that unfortunately didn’t have as many creative outlets my world was flipped after receiving the gift that changed my perspective forever. A beginners rebel 50mm film strip camera was my first love. I still remember the sound the shutter made, the excitement i’d get wondering if the photo would come out like I saw and imagined it would, and the romance of picking up my freshly developed photographs. It was my own inner soul love letters of hope, courage, and vulnerability allowing me to express my journey of adolescence without verbal communication. Fast forward to 19 years old attending Hallmark Institute of Photography my love was tested with the competitive atmosphere that prepared me for an NYC internship in fashion. I focused on what I believed others wanted me to with my art ,my personal power weakened and the  vulnerability I learned to have with photography turned another direction. In the 3rd phase of school I was fighting for my life while dealing with the stress of my portfolio passing to take me through to graduation. My eating disorder reached a peak, a mental illness I ignored and denied for long enough. You see, I allowed people I trusted growing up bring me down with words no young girl sound have to hear. It  wasn’t until my recovery and personal rediscovery taking place to realize the amazing power of self healing with photographs in a positive light instead of a egotistic and un-measurable comparison with others.  My attempt at working within the fashion industry in New York City not only once again tested my personal growth but feed the fire within my heart and made it very clear that I wanted to use my talents to help people have confidence in their true and wonderful real beauty.  My specialty is therapeutic photography, where I meet clients and together we come up with their own specialized editorial story line that inspires personal growth and self love. These seasons are raw and emotional. Feelings get brought up that you pushed way deep inside, perhaps some feelings you never dealt with before.  With my experience and love for psychology and connection I am able to capture those emotions and you are able to see yourself the way others see you, see the emotions you are not allowing yourself to move past, and let that confident, sexy, creative, amazing person you are finally be seen in the spotlight you deserve.
This beautiful journey has directed me with the opportunity to go back to school for a masters so that I can combine psychology, photography, and human connection in a more effective and harmonized way.  Let’s get Vulnerable!


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